Just one of those days… (in other words, Actinic, we hate you!)

Today has been one of those “what on earth are we doing?” sort of days – after hours and hours of compulsory Actinic upgrading, we now find that the new version doesn’t remember Coupon Codes, and seems to have achieved losing records for two Orders completely.  One of the really detestable things about the modern age is the way that computer systems are foisted upon Companies, when actually they are perfectly content with the way they worked before.  I have come to the sad, but inevitable, conclusion that simply to remain in the marketplace, computer systems have to be seen to “improve”, but their understanding of “improvement” is slightly different to mine ….

On the other hand, we had an absolutely lovely email today from Kelly who wrote to say “Just wanted to email and say thank you for our lovely duvet and Noah’s underblanket.  We are absolutely loving the new bed and super duvet; we started with the All Seasons as the weather was so cold but are now just using the Spring/Autumn and are perfectly snug!”

Two of our boys made massive efforts to get back from Uni to take part in the Eastnor Castle Mud Runner Event (“don’t worry, Mum, it’s a man-test”) yesterday but, to their disappointment (and my intense relief) it was cancelled.  There was mud in abundance, but there was also freezing rain and falling trees…. 

The boys might have had a very disappointing weekend, but Ledbury does offer alternative attractions and finding a Jaeger shirt in the Sue Ryder Shop on Saturday certainly made this particular Mum happy.

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