Jack Russells lost and found in Gloucestershire and preparations for Burghley Horse Trials

The longest day of the year, and a gorgeous sunny, blustery day it is too!

It wasn’t an auspicious start; yesterday our two terriers did a vanishing act and bolted off down the drive at high speed.  A fairly common occurrence, and we didn’t think too much about it but when they hadn’t returned home last night a very definite sense of panic set in.  A sleepless night and no dogs in the morning so we posted up details on DogLost, an invaluable service for both Lost and Found dogs.  (About 6 weeks ago my cousin had her Patterdale terrier stolen.  He was taken from the local Birds of Prey Centre and thanks to Facebook, DogLost etc, he gained so much attention that he was handed in to the Dog Pound in Cardiff at 2am one morning.  It was alleged he had hopped in a car and not been noticed, as if).   Anyway, this morning, one of our Jack Rascals was found in someone’s garden about a mile away and by the time we got there, the second one materialised as well.  Thank the Lord.  Those dogs are getting micro chipped just as soon as possible and adored though they are, for anyone thinking of getting two terriers together, don’t do it!!   Mind you, the good thing is that they have, over the years, been responsible to introducing us to most of the neighbourhood, so they are playing their own little part in The Big Society ….

From high summer to autumn; today we have been filling in applications for Christmas Fairs and Shows and starting to make accommodation plans for Burghley Horse Trials in September.  This will be the second time we have had a stand at Burghley and we are all looking forward to it.  By then we should have perfected the lovely hot water bottle covers that Sue has been working on ….

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