It’s true; the English really do love their dogs (except when vet bills are involved)

During last week we had delivery of two absolutely huge rolls of wool fleece; just in the nick of time, as we now have Sue “pedal to the metal” (as our boys might say!) manufacturing dog beds for Burghley Horse Trials.   It means that the equally enormous rolls of Laura Ashley fabric can now be put to good use and they will hopefully take up a smaller amount of space in the store room!  

On the subject of pet beds, we are very pleased to have had confirmation that our Magnetic Therapy cushions are to be included both in the next catalogue and on the website of a thriving upmarket mail order company which specialises in hunting/shooting/fishing pursuits.  We feel it is a good fit for both them and us and it all helps spread the word about how magnetic therapy can help active and/or elderly dogs.

Neil and Jerry wrote a really delightful email last week, and part of it was devoted to their dogs: “Our darling little Lurchers, Holly and Molly, ADORE their gorgeous blankets.  They are away to magical hunting fields, not to be disturbed” …

Now that the wool fleece has finally arrived, it means that Hugo in the Isle of Wight can, at last,  have his made to measure pet bed finished this week which is a good thing, as he has been on the waiting list for quite some time but all is now in hand; we just have to work out a way of grappling with such huge rolls of fleece!

Our own dogs inadvertently gave us the slip last week and Bertie eventually arrived home limping furiously; he had managed to split a pad on his back foot – oh dear, yet another visit to the vet in Newent and more pills and potions followed by a nice little bill to be paid.   Not a great way to finish off the week!

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