Is Twitter turning us back into children? Mud Runner at Eastnor Castle and the new White Cloud Product Guide

Baroness Susan Greenfield is to deliver a lecture on May 1st discussing her fears that social media technology is eroding both our brains and identities – an article in the Daily Telegraph this week describes her very real anxiety that those who spend a lot of time on social networking sites risk losing essential human empathy skills and that computer games are making youngsters reckless and distant from real life.  In the past week or so, I have had to get to grips with understanding and updating our new Facebook page and, to my surprise, have realised quite how addictive it can be.  Her thoughts on Twitter I found particularly interesting; I have taken on the role of Tweeting for White Cloud and initially, I have to confess, I found it difficult to understand the point of it, but it is surprisingly intriguing and I am in illustrious company, just this morning John Prescott was describing how powerful a medium it has become and it is to be ignored at our peril … 

There are one or two upsides to all this incessant rain – two of our sons have entered the Mud Runner Oblivion Event at Eastnor Castle this Sunday and I think they are most definitely assured of encountering mud this year, and lots of it!  10k of squelchy muddy mud is, I suspect, going to result in some serious washing issues at the end, but then hopefully there is a hosepipe facility somewhere nearby….

Our new White Cloud product guide has, at last, gone to the printers and we are hoping to have it some time next week.  Not a moment too soon and we are aiming to have it as a downloadable version on the website – another bit of computer wizardry to be come to terms with!



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