Irresistible lambskin Dinkys from White Cloud

We are delighted to be adding these delightful “Dinkys” to our Little White Cloud range, for babies and children.  These irresistible little lambskin slippers for small babies (3-6 months) are handsewn in New Zealand.  Available in a rich chestnut colour, they have a small lambskin “cuff” and are the cutest little booties we have seen in all our 9 years….  priced at £19.99 (+ P & P) they will keep little feet warm and cosy, especially at this chilly time of year….

The selection process for products here at White Cloud is essentially very simple, if we love it ourselves and all of us feel the same way, then it’s a winner – anything that has to be explained or justified just doesn’t make the grade.  It’s a totally unscientific means of market research, but in 9 years we have discovered that tried and trusted methods often work best and, besides, inner instinct is almost always right….

Kids Ugg boots and slippers

Lambskin Slippers “Dinkies” 3-6 months

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