How investment in quality makes sense in times of recession & bedding down for the Autumn

Autumn is traditionally the time when our bedding sales transition from lighter weight duvets to something slightly warmer; and this year we have also seen a growth in enquiries from both hotels and shop customers.  I do believe the recession is easing slightly and there seems to be a gradual re-emergence of an appreciation for quality above quantity.  Perhaps this is a lesson for the economy in general; buying cheap and cheerful really is a false solution.  Products do not last, they are then discarded or thrown away and investment is required all over again.  Watching the BBC2 “Wartime Farm” has been a revelation and so much of what has been said is relevant at the moment.  I was particularly interested in the casserole last night being cooked in a hay box and it made me wonder whether wool might work just as well….

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