Introducing The Amazing New Lambswool Pillows Exclusively From White Cloud

A good night’s sleep often leads to a productive day, but if your pillows are stopping you from getting your necessary quota then it’s time to try the exclusive lambswool pillows from White Cloud.

Lambswool pillows are one of the latest introductions to the White Cloud bedding range, with their duvets, pillows and under blankets all helping to improve sleep for people throughout the country and indeed the world.

Key Features Of These Amazing Pillows:

  • 100% premium New Zealand lambswool
  • Manufactured exclusively for White Cloud
  • Natural softness And Support
  • Wool Fibre Is Resilient To Compression
  • Helps With Allergies And Asthma

These unique pure wool pillows provide natural softness and support for all the family. The pillows are ideal for both adults and children because a cheap and ineffective pillow will often lead to a poor night’s sleep which can often affect your productivity and learning ability throughout the day.

 The natural crimp of the wool fibre helps to make the wool resilient to compression which means that this pillow not only offers unique comfort but also support for your neck, which can really help with neck and back pain and offer your body a much better position when it comes to how you sleep.

Because dust mites do not thrive in wool, a wool pillow will also help to improve asthma and hay fever conditions and these pillows are suitable for all the family should they suffer from these allergies or conditions.

Head over to the White Cloud website to place your order and improve your sleep or phone their specialist bedding team by dialling 01989 721010.

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