Inspired by Andy Murray to take up cudgels and win!

This morning’s Thought For The Day on Radio 4 was discussing how failure can lead to greater success, this eloquent 5 minute talk had, of course, Andy Murray, in mind, but all that was said resonates with most of us and how, ultimately, we need challenges in order to succeed.  We at White Cloud have decided to take part in a competition being organised by Not on The High Street – the prize is an opportunity for five free Christmas Catalogue slots, for “dazzling new products”.   Sue, on whom this business depends for her sewing skills, is calling in this morning and we will be talking about some potential ideas – we are thinking natural Christmas Trees, soft fluffy wool …  just as well I bought her a wool pin cushion in Shetland to keep her pins rust free, I think she’s going to need it!

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