“Inner compass shows birds the way home” and the Magnehealth underblanket range

“Inner compass shows birds the way home” was the intriguing headline in a recent article in the Daily Telegraph.  The ability of birds to use the Earth’s magnetic field to be able to navigate on long migrations has puzzled scientists for many years.  Scientists in Vienna believe that they have found tiny iron granules inside neurons, known as hair cells, in almost every species of bird that was looked at.  Hair cells are involved in hearing and balance in most animals and the researchers believe the iron may help the bird “sense” the magnetic field.  Birds are now thought to use the internal magnetic compass, known as magnetoreceptors, along with the position of the sun, to help them find their way.

Magnetic therapy works on a similar principle; the iron in the blood responds to magnets and the magnets help draw the blood both more efficiently and more effectively around the body.  White Cloud is about to launch a new quilted cotton underblanket to the Magnehealth range, for Summer 2013. 

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