Improved Sleep – we can help you!

Today’s blog has an “Improved Sleep” theme- it is something that most of us are searching for, but few manage to achieve. After 6 years of being in the business of providing deliciously warm and cosy bedding, we would like to share with you our five top tips:

  • Keep your bedroom cool – have a window open if necessary
  • Maintain a particular routine and try to be in bed at a regular time
  • Make time to read- few people can get to sleep straightaway- it is a great way of reducing stress
  • Try to avoid leaving lights on- even low level lighting will severely affect the ability to sleep well
  • Choose the best bedding you can afford- you will have years of comfort and you will soon forget the initial cost- and in fact you will be pleased you made the investment. Life is often full of regrets for those things we didn’t buy, rather than those we did …

Finally, an extract from a recent customer who lives in deepest darkest Scotland and who bought a “Queenstown” duvet a couple of weeks ago:

I was concerned it might not be cosy enough for the recent cold weather but last night the temperature went down to -4% but we were warm as toast and have even slept more soundly than before

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