How to improve poor sleeping patterns and urban sheep grazing in Brighton

Recent French research is suggesting that longterm users of sleeping pills are more likely to suffer Alzheimer’s, and so are those with poor sleeping patterns.  This fascinating nugget of information was only briefly mentioned on Radio 4 and yet it deserved far more discussion.  Whenever we are telephoned and asked for advice, we almost always invite customers to consider sleeping on a magnetic therapy underblanket.  Extraordinary as it might sound, the magnets help regulate the natural equilibrium of the body and will restore not only sleep patterns, but provide the quality of sleep that is needed.

Another little mention in the media recently was an article in the Saturday Telegraph on 29.09.12 reporting the arrival of 600 Herdwick lambs arriving in Brighton to graze on rough urban land.  This will save the Council an estimated £23,000 in lawn mowing costs and will encourage wildflowers.  These urban sheep are even on Twitter, to announce their whereabouts as they move around the city…

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