Passionate about quality in everything

This blog is devoted to the memory of a very special White Cloud customer who died earlier this week.  Michael Loftus started his garden nursery in Suffolk in 1990 and, as his obituary in The Telegraph today states “I have not set out to make a pile of money… it’s not just making a living – it’s doing something we care about.  If you are not passionate about quality in anything, you should not be doing it”.

Michael wrote us a really kind email having bought some duvets quite a while ago, in fact shortly after we started the business and we started to correspond.  About 2 years ago Guy and I managed to prise ourselves away from work and make a trip to Suffolk to see Woottens, his nursery, and to make a nostalgic visit to Southwold where I went to school.  What made and still makes Woottens special, are the gorgeous descriptions of the plants and I defy anyone who signs up to receive their regular emails not to eventually capitulate and buy some plants.  You will never regret it – they arrive beautifully packaged and everything we have ever bought from Michael is still thriving in our garden, which is a testament in itself.   If funds allow, indulge and buy one of the handbooks, they are works of art in themselves.

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