How to lose customers and alienate people!

Back in the Spring I kept some details about a feature in the newspaper which mentioned a travelling “Wall of Death” motorbike show.  With three motorbike mad sons we thought it would be really good to take them to see this, so this is how the email correspondence went:

Me:  (29th May)  Please can you tell us what dates and where you will be appearing around the UK this year?

Reply:  Which Show are you referring to?

Me:  We don’t know!  We have read about “The Wall of Death” are there performances in Gloucestershire/West of England this summer?

Reply: So are you referring to Carters?

Me:  Yes, I suppose we are; hadn’t realised you handled enquiries for anyone else!

Reply: The nearest to you will be Weston super Mare for the summer season

Me: Thanks for your reply, but the reason we had to write is because we couldn’t find details on the website, please could you let us know dates for Weston?

Reply: We’re not sure yet, as soon as we know we will let you know

Me: (12th August)  I think we have been forgotten, any news of a visit to Weston?

Reply: When the steam fair leaves Weston on 4th September, it goes to Uxbridge, Watford, Woking and the Home Counties where the Wall of Death will be at the Fair

Me: Thanks but I still don’t know when the Fair arrives in Weston, please could you let me know

Reply: Carters Steam Fair opened at Weston on 4th August

At which point I gave up!  This has been a perfect illustration of how to irritate, frustrate and annoy the customer – I was going to put it down to experience, but actually I think it sums up just how stranded one can feel when the only communication available is via email ….

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