How to deal with night sweats for young children and The Map Shop in Upton on Severn

For today’s blog, it seemed a good idea to include an extract of an email sent by Ian about his son Alfie:  “my little boy had always suffered horribly with night sweats, throughout the year, but it was getting to the stage where the sweats were really bad.  It was preventing him from having a full night’s sleep, but we had put it down to his age.  Like any parent, you try to do your best and after a quick chat with Guy at White Cloud, we decided to buy a wool duvet.  To this day I have not had anything delivered that has been better presented and packaged, but that’s not the point, the real result was how effective it was and the difference it has made, even from the first night”.

In a couple of weeks time I shall be abandoning 3 sons to the joys of the Mud Runner event at Eastnor and leaving a long suffering husband to cope with all the resulting aftermath, while I go off to The Shetlands.  I absolutely love the thought of getting so far north and it still being part of Great Britain.  Evidently for a few weeks around midsummer it is “Summer Dim” when the sun hardly sets and it is light the whole time. 

Neither my cousin Justine or I have been to Shetland before, so this morning I am off to The Map Shop in Upton on Severn which can supply a map for anywhere in the world.  On our last visit to this wonderful shop, Guy and I invested in a rail map of Europe, which  gets pored over longingly from time to time …



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