House & Garden Spirit of Summer Fair

Well, this time last week we were in the throws of this lovely Fair in London. We were bowled over by the standard of exhibitors, the wares and produce. We met many new customers as well as some friendly faces who came to say hello. We were rather pleased how the stand worked out and the position we were in – the feel appeal of the lambskins, wool blankets & sheepskins exceeded expectation! One of our neighbours suggested charging a £1 for every stroke, for charity of course. It was a delight to meet so many interested new customers, some of which were totally new to the concept of wool used in bedding, others who were well informed as well as those who had bad experiences from other sources in the past but were willing to try ours from recommendation. All in all a super way to meet our customers face to face. We held a ‘Use of Natural Wool in Interior Design’  workshop and met a couple of new contacts in the hospitality world – we’ll keep you posted on developments!

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