Hot one minute, cold the next? Not the proverbial English Summer, but why a wool duvet is the natural solution

Hot one minute, cold the next?  Sounding familiar?  It may sound like this blog will be an observation on an English summer, but actually it seemed a good opportunity to share some thoughts about why sleeping with wool is so successful. 

We quite often encounter customers who have reservations, imagining that a wool duvet is going to be something hot and possibly scratchy.  Nothing could be further from the truth; for a start the wool is always encased in an outer cover (in the case of White Cloud, a soft Jacquard cotton) and a really well made, decent quality wool duvet feels smooth and even to the touch.  Good quality wool has an almost magical ability to maintain an even ambient temperature, whatever the weather.  From the moment you slip into bed and snuggle under a wool duvet (a White Cloud one, naturally!) you will notice it warm up around you and it will stay this way all night.  Because the body is kept at an even temperature, there is no more thrashing around and you will wake feeling a) astonished that you have slept an unbroken sleep and b) why on earth didn’t you consider having one of these before….

At White Cloud we offer, what we hope, is a traditional service combined with the highest quality available on the market.  Not only that, but we always have products in stock.  Inevitably this means we are not the cheapest, but we prefer to offer the real deal knowing that our customers have been looked after with their interests at heart, not the other way round.


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