High50 – how to leave school with no maths at all and survive!

There are some unexpected side effects of advancing old age; one of which was an invitation to write a blog for High50.  I decided my theme would be how I managed to leave school with absolutely no maths qualification whatsoever!   One musing led to another, so I started to write about my penfriend in New Zealand; how we were introduced at the tender age of 13 by a mutual teacher, and how we have continued writing ever since.  Sadly our days of writing proper letters to each other have all but disappeared, and been replaced by email, telephone or Skype.  Little did Sarah and I know in 1973 that 39 years later (!) we would have become the closest of friends, exchanged Godchildren and become homes from home for each other’s offspring.  I would have also been astonished to have been told that in 2000 I would be setting off to live in New Zealand and 5 years later would be coming back to the UK with a business idea, which leads me back to suggesting that leaving school with no maths at all is necessarily a hindrance in life!

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