Hay Max – a little pot of magic solution for hay fever sufferers

With both a husband and a son who suffer from streaming Hay Fever, I recently bought a tiny little pot of HayMax in a local organic food shop, having heard someone talking about how effective it is.  Well, effective it certainly is; not only has it helped Guy enormously but I have found myself resorting to it as well this week!  I am beginning to wonder if Hay Fever is contagious; I have never, in my life, had it before but for the past few days I have done nothing but sneeze and feel as if I am succumbing to a cold.  I resorted to HayMax and, dear reader, I promise the sneezing has abated.  Do not be put off by the small size of the pot; it will last for ages…

So, this week’s blog is a whole hearted recommendation for this magic potion and here is an all important link to the website for HayMax: http://haymax.biz/

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