Happy Holidays in Devon accompanied by girlfriends and dogs

A glororious week was had by all in Devon – 3 girlfriends and 2 dogs rented a wonderful remote cottage by the north Devon coast; no mobile phone coverage, no phone line, no tv = peace and quiet.  The British Isles offers some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world and we are all so lucky to have it on our doorstep.  Totally unexpectedly I found a local chair maker who has agreed to make a chair for our kitchen; even better, using some of our own oak which has been sitting, air-drying in a barn for over 15 years.  Not only that, we spent 2 or 3 glorious hours, up-ended, looking for cowrie shells and we saw the prettiest of walled gardens (in the world!) at Hartland Abbey.  We also found a washed up bottle on the beach, opened it up, put our own note inside and sent it back to sea – who knows where it will wash up…  Not to mention what has to be the best all round shop in Devon – Martins of Bradworthy!  Quite a struggle to return to work, but things aren’t all bad as in 3 days time I am off to Switzerland for my mother’s 75th birthday.  I am taking 3 of her grandsons with me, so it is a special occasion and an increasingly rare opportunity to have everyone together in one place.

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