Happy Four Legged Customers, A Good Read and Why Everyone Should Insure With NFU

Two happy little customers, probably the smallest we ever had, enjoying their Christmas present! Minnie and Maisie live in Scotland with the Ferrell family who have written and said “the lambswool mat has been a big hit with them this winter” …

I have just finished reading a most fantastic book, we first saw it as a film which was beautifully directed by Peter Jackson and, having now read the book, I think it is the most successful translation from book to film I have seen. Called “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold it is the story of Susie Salmon. From the very first opening line where we learn that she was murdered at 14 by someone she knew, it is captivating. At times it is difficult to follow the thread, but persistence pays off. The insight it offers into the suffering of a family following such a dreadful incident is so beautifully written that you can’t help but turn the pages as you long to know the outcome. It was so good that I’m now feeling slightly lost that I have finished it.

Well good family news all round, our youngest son did well in his mock GCSEs, our middle son has booked his flight to New Zealand and is starting to pick up the pace and get excited and our eldest son has found a replacement bike! His own bike got stolen in Newcastle by some toe-rags on the last day of term who had the cheek to cut the chain and snatch it from the car bike rack. It was a really depressing experience for him and meant he had no bike at all over the Christmas holidays. Fortunately the NFU, as usual, came to the rescue and have agreed to pay a cheque to replace it. For anyone casting around for help with insurance, I can’t recommend the NFU enough- helpful, friendly, normal offices, no call centres, staff that know you by name and able to help with everything from car insurance to holidays- they even organise our business insurance for us.

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