Happy customers, A Bonfire for the Jubilee & Spring has arrived

“I am just writing to let you know how much I am enjoying my luxurious wool duvet; it was a bit of a gamble as I have never used duvets until now, but I am more than pleased with it.  Thank you for your excellent customer service – I did not mind the delay in arrival as it was so nice that you rang to tell me about it.  Not many people would have done that!”  Josephine wrote to us last week and to receive comments like this really does make what we do particularly worthwhile.  

This weekend we hosted a drinks party for all our neighbours which was a lot of fun and we have decided we will do a Bonfire for the Queen’s Jubilee – the planned bonfire for Guy Fawkes never quite happened and now I am worried about hedgehogs hibernating, so we have all decided we will have a spectacular display in June instead.  Nicky even suggested we all dress up like the Royal Family which could produce some interesting results – am beginning to have plans already!  It must have been telepathy because on Friday I spotted some perfect Union Jack paper napkins and I am already stocking up on bunting ….

Spring seems to have sprung – it really is so exciting to notice the days getting longer and temperatures getting warmer.  We have noticed the first of the little wild Newent daffodils coming into flower and I even saw some primroses flowering this morning. The best sight of all, for me, are the two nuthatches who visit the bird feeder every day.  Suet pellets are the way to go; no little bits of seed that then fall to the ground and make weeds and, even better, no wastage whatsoever – what a great invention!

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