The Fussy Cow!

1st July is the launch date for “The Granary” – an upmarket 2 person holiday cottage on the outskirts of Newent, on the edge of the Forest of Dean.  With the deadline edging ever nearer, there have been a whole host of things to get decided and finished but this blog is dedicated to Claire at The Fussy Cow.  Claire not only sells beautiful bed linens but she is also a stockist for White Cloud, so we wanted to ask her to help supply bed linen for The Granary.  She has helped us find all of the pillowcases, duvets covers and sheets and it caused much amusement this morning when a box arrived marked “Fussy Cow” – our Parcelforce driver Mark had to be persuaded it was not meant as a personal affront, but that it had come from a shop of that name!

Nick the painter has now achieved almost all of the painting – we decided to stick with colours we know and like, so the sitting room and the bedroom are a lovely soft creamy yellow called “Straw” by Farrow and Ball.  This is one of the early colours, but it can still be ordered (thank goodness).  For the kitchen and entrance hall we decided on “Verd Antique” which is made by Fired Earth and is a soft muted green which looks incredibly elegant.  Hopefully by the time the kitchen is finished, we will have found ourselves wall tiles and a built in oven which needs to fit a smaller than normal space!

The bedroom will have White Cloud wool pillows, a wool underblanket and a wool duvet.  All of these have been chosen because they are especially good at maintaining even body temperature, despite the fact that we can experience temperatures anywhere between 28 degrees and minus zero in this part of the world….

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