from lambs to rams to ewe- why wool works!

How do sheep survive in harsh conditions? New Zealand has been enduring a really hard cold winter, not so great for humans but wonderful for wool quality as it strengthens fibres and that is what makes, for example, Merino wool so prized. Shaun, a massive Merino ram managed to evade shearing for several years running and was finally captured in 2004! His huge wool fleece was auctioned for charity and bought by the then Prime Minister, Helen Clark. As far as we know, he still holds the World Record. Unless, of course, you know better? …

Wool is the traditional present for a 7th Wedding Anniversary – something we learned when a customer chose to buy her husband a lovely White Cloud wool duvet and wool pillows. In the past few weeks we have sold a lot of beautiful white lambskins for newborn babies – these lambskins come from a specialist supplier in New Zealand. Babies thrive on the softness, the tactile quality and natural warmth of the wool.

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