Flexibility and cheerfulness at all times – especially in the festive season (!)

This time of year always entails a fair degree of flexibility and cheerfulness at all times – thankfully we have Laura and Sue who are able to pitch in whenever required which takes a lot of pressure off an already stretched Santa down in the packing barn.  Christmas orders definitely vary from year to year, but this year it has been very much busier getting stock ready and sent out to the various shops we now supply in time for Christmas.  Our latest addition is Glasswells in Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich who have chosen to stock a selection of White Cloud duvets, underblankets and pillows.

Laura, whether it is turning up when it is almost dark and being prepared to finish off a sewing task at the last minute, or deciding to make girth straps from left over pieces of wool or Sue sewing covers for MagneHealth Pet Beds, we are really grateful, in the words of CJ from “The rise and fall of Reggie Perrin”, we wouldn’t be where we are without you…

Speaking of shops, we are off later today to represent White Cloud at a second Christmas shopping event at Burford Garden Centre.  The last one was hugely busy and given that we now less than 2 weeks away from Christmas, we are suspecting today’s will be even more frantic.  Never mind, last time we came home with a garden bench and a lovely iron fire-bowl, who knows what this evening’s event might have in store for us?

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