Farewell Traditional Shop Displays, Opposition to Local Supermarket, Sheep Shearing Competitions in Ireland and A Shepherd's Hut in Sussex

It was something of a surprise to find our local butcher’s shop window was suddenly full of pre-packed meat in plastic cartons.  No longer was there a traditional mouth-watering display.  Depressingly, he said he felt he had to go down that route in order to compete with supermarkets and that youngsters no longer know how to buy meat, or even what to do with it.   Do we really want our wonderful independent shops to start becoming clones of supermarkets?  Surely supermarkets should be taking their lead from shops like Andy’s? I am sure I am not alone in deliberately avoiding buying meat in supermarkets, but to find a top class butcher is now the purveyor of plastic is insanity.  The relentless march of the supermarket is something of an issue round here at the moment with an obscure planning application for a “food store” on the edge of town.  Inevitably precise details are somewhat hard to come by, how strange…

We are on the verge of having our new Pillow boxes; these bespoke boxes are being designed to complement the new duvet boxes.  Originally designed for the Junior Range, they will have a multitude of uses and we feel confident they will look really striking on shop shelves.  Quite where we are going to house 500 boxes is another matter entirely!

We have been asked whether we would like to be at the Irish Wool/Shearing Show at Kilkenny in June- sadly I think it is unlikely, but here is a link for further information, or for those planning on visiting the Emerald Isle….

For The Spirit of Summer show at Olympia in May, Lizzie and I have had a truly inspirational idea regarding her Shepherd’s Hut in Sussex … the link up with The Campaign for Wool + Shepherds + White Cloud is too good to resist,  more details to be revealed nearer the time!

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