False claims cost wool company $55,000

It seemed an unusual case of serendipity (or was it merely coincidence?) that the day some more swatches of wool duvets arrived from our manufacturers in New Zealand,  an online article was sent to us drawing attention to some false claims made by wool manufacturers.   Either way, it was and is an opportunity to highlight just how important it is to read up and research products when considering a purchase…  “False claims cost wool company $55,000”

Only recently we have been discussing the Jaeger v Primark economics debate; the theory being that investment in an item of quality will always outlast and outweigh any short term perceived economic benefit.  Having just sold another item to the Ashworth family in Rochdale today (who first started purchasing from us more than 3 years ago,)I am glad to say that by adopting the Jaeger position, our business is rewarded by long term customer loyalty.

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