“Elf and Safety”, Easter Weekend outings with the “Lad Wagon” and The Severn Bore

A busy, busy Easter Weekend full of varied and interesting activities(!) – Sue and I agreed we would devote Friday morning to cutting and preparing wool fleece for Pet Beds.  It was a chance to admire Guy’s Heath Robinson arrangement in the barn which means the GIGANTIC roll of Merino fleece is now suspended from the ceiling (with no regard to “Elf and Safety”!) and it can be unrolled and cut whenever we wish…. oh, the joys of running your own business!

Saturday dawned fine and clear and off we set, en-famille, to collect massive amounts of horse manure for the garden from Su and Richard.  It was a perfect excuse to pile all three sons and a medley of spades and pitchforks into the “Lad Wagon” as the Ute is affectionately known.  With a mixture of horror and enthusiasm for the task, a massive amount of dung was shifted from one part of Gloucestershire to another!

Sunday morning and an early start – one of the best Severn Bores of the year was predicted to be at Newnham at 8.50am… yet again the “Lad Wagon” was wheeled out and off we set towards Chaxhill.  A tide over 9m constitutes a Bore, and this one was 9.9m so lots of spectators and surfers waited, and waited, and waited!  Eventually it came into view and it really is a thrill to see; the most massive volume of water whooshes and rolls past at quite a pace, and you can’t quite believe what you have just seen. 

Bank Holiday Monday and the finishing touches were put to a Military Quiz that Chris and I have been devising for next weekend’s Big Curry in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund and Sebastian packed his kit and set off to drive up North to take part in a crazy Fell Race up Loughrigg – this will be on Tuesday evening at 7pm; hopefully this year he and his uncle will get there in time for the actual Start….


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