Easter Holidays!

The White Cloud blog has fallen even further behind, but I’m going to put it down to the gorgeous Spring weather… it seems to have come to an end now, but for the past week or so we have had toads and frogs all over our drive as they emerge for the breeding season. We have had to resort to walking ahead of cars at night with a torch to avoid driving over them all – one evening there were at least 60 making their way towards the pond …
The Easter weekend was an excuse to take the family on Eurostar to Ghent for three nights- a great success for everyone, even if it did mean taking three endlessly hungry teenage boys to MacDonalds at regular intervals. Interspersed with delicious Belgian chocolate Easter eggs, it was teenage heaven. We all really loved cycling everywhere; how or why we have let cars dominate our towns and cities in the UK is difficult to understand ….

Back to work with renewed vigour; almost our first enquiry on our return was from a customer whose friend had purchased a wool duvet elsewhere and found it contained twigs and all sorts of other impurities. Sadly there are lots of cheap products on the market that just don’t bear closer inspection and do nothing whatsoever to advance the wool industry. While I’m on the subject, shall we even mention a well known Australian brand that now sells duvets with a synthetic lining because the cheaper/coarse wool finds it way out of the covering fabric??

This week is finishing off with a fundraising Curry Lunch for the Army Benevolent Fund- a charity close to our hearts and the second time we have tackled something like this. The only proviso is that it has to have a curry theme and it has to be held in April. There’s nothing like school holidays to rope in teenage boys to help make Fish Curry and Lime Mousse! Cookery lessons and fund raising all in one- “Job Done” as they might say!

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