To dream: perchance to sleep

“It’s a classic sign of middle age when sleep is no longer the reliable bedfellow it once was.  If I’m not wakeful and thrashing about fretfully like a princess on a pea after a couple of glasses of wine, my husband is snoring like a chainsaw, while stoutly maintaining in the morning that he didn’t sleep a wink.  In fact I no longer ask him how he slept because a) I don’t care and b) most mornings he’s like a bear roused (a month early) out of hibernation, with a disposition to match.  He knows better than to try telling me about his really weird dreams, or his leg cramp of the way he’s somehow cricked his neck just by lying on the pillow because I am too preoccupied whingeing about my own sleep deprivation”.   This humorous piece is an extract from a column written by Judith Woods in the Saturday Telegraph recently and we felt it might strike a chord with lots of readers of this blog…

‘Tis Spring and, at last, our winter project of a new look White Cloud website is shortly to be unveiled; we hope it will be going live later this week; certainly in time for that wonderful moment when we all emerge from hibernation and officially gain some extra hours of daylight at the end of March.

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