Double and Quarto Sheepskin floor rugs and The Campaign for Wool

Oh, the joys of an English Summer!  For a brief period of time we had baking sunshine and lovely days; today I am composing this Blog and looking out at steady and incessant rain which will, inevitably, lead to flooding!  The temperature seems to have plummeted accordingly, so it seems an opportune moment to make a bit of a fuss about some new, absolutely gorgeous sewn sheepskins that are to be added to our White Cloud Product Range. 

Double length sheepskins from White Cloud

Double length sheepskins from White Cloud

We have come to an arrangement with Terri, our local saddler, to handstitch these large, soft, cream coloured large lambskins to make either Double or Quarto floor rugs.   With a price of  £150 for two skins sewn end to end, or £325 for four matching skins to be sewn together, these are going to be a worthy addition to our range, and something that will make highly individual gifts. 

Sheepskins can vary hugely in both quality, texture, size and (perhaps most importantly) provenance.  At White Cloud we have always bought our sheepskins from New Zealand – every skin has reached an Export Quality Standard and all of the skins (except the Yoga Sheepskin) are certified “Infant Care” which means they are safe for use by children.  Like with all things in life, it is a case of “you get what you pay for”, and our decision has always been to invest in items of quality and purity.  If we don’t like it, we don’t sell it, it is a simple as that …

Our intention is to officially launch these Sheepskin Floor Rugs to coincide with the Campaign for Wool Week in September, so a case of “watch this space”!

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