Delicious Duvets – choose a good one and improve your health

An opportunity to share a recent piece that appeared in Deco Magazine, extolling the virtues of good quality bedding and why it is always worth investing just a little more….

White Cloud was started by Guy and Caroline in 2005, following their own personal experience as to the difference sleeping with wool made to their eldest son, Sebastian, in New Zealand.  “When it comes to beds, wool really is a wonder material.  It is good at helping people with allergies to dust mites (or asthma) as mites do not inhabit wool and, unlike sleeping with feather or down, it does not make you sweat.  It is also totally sustainable and cruelty free”.

Guy and Caroline have decided to convert a small barn into a quiet and peaceful holiday cottage in rural Gloucestershire and are making a point of supplying natural, pure wool, bedding which will be an opportunity for their guests to “try before they buy” and discover for themselves just how much difference a wool duvet can make.   Please email for more details.


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