Customers really matter!

Customer service is the focus of this particular blog!

While our middle son is away on some work experience we decided we would spruce up his bedroom and surprise him- off we set with a spring in our step, money in hand, to our local branch of Focus. Found exactly what we wanted for an incredibly cheap price and were ready and willing to buy. However, because some of it was the only example on display, guess what? (and this could only happen in the UK) we couldn’t, for whatever bizarre reason, buy it! We were expected to order the items, wait for 2 weeks and also pay for the priviledge of delivery when we could have been sold everything there and then and the shop would have benefited from an immediate sale. So annoyed were we that we left and came home with an empty car feeling frustrated and infuriated with such an inferor service.

It takes so little to help customers, big stores bleat on about customer service, but actually it is simple- customers want to buy what they came searching for and it really isn’t rocket science to help them and get it right. At White Cloud we honestly do feel that good customer service is the key to successful business. If you don’t have customers you don’t have a business and making customers happy is what matters.

To end on a cheerful note, Parcelforce exceeded expectation last week when they delivered a duvet and some pillows to France for us, but too quickly, as the parcel arrived at our customer’s holiday home before he did!

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