The Christmas Festive Spirit

Christmas is well and truly underway – because of last year’s unexpected dump of snow, which caused havoc, we have determined to keep as organised as possible…  whether it actually justifies Guy’s newly acquired Pick-Up is another matter!  Perhaps we shouldn’t have moaned and groaned quite so much about the ancient Land Rover, which never let us down once last Winter (it’s replacement isn’t quite so characterful!)  The Landy definitely had its own unique charm and managed, unfailingly, to transport parcels down half mile of snow and ice on many occasions, even if the non-existent window meant rather too much air-conditioning!

Jacquie has now joined us in the office and not a moment too soon-  She was put to work in the packing barn on her very first morning of work, and it has got steadily busier and busier.  After the most recent delivery of pillows, the packing barn is full to the gunwhales, and it has prompted us to decide to dry line part of another barn for storage.  Luckily for us, Roger had a gap in his schedule and he has started work already- hurray, it means that all the duvets currently on order will have somewhere sensible to live when they make it to the Northern Hemisphere.

This week we sent out a White Cloud Christmas Email  this goes to our existing customers and those who have signed up to our Newsletter.  We wanted to spread the word that we sell more than Duvets, Underblankets and Pillows.  With an enticing photograph of a little red cushion perched on a lambskin we feel it sums up both the festive spirit and the qualities of White Cloud ….

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