Chicks and Cheeps!

With all three of our sons away this week, we are adjusting to a life of Darby and Joan- the massive reduction in the food bill is absolutely wonderful, and so is the break from ceaseless washing of smelly mis-matching socks! Our friesan bantam has hatched four gorgeous little chicks, however the fifth egg was slow to hatch and she decided she couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer. We have rescued it and, amazingly, it is trying to hatch but without a mum to give encouraging cheeps… this is a dilemma- if it succeeds against all odds, it will certainly deserve a chance and we just have to hope we can secrete it back under mummy hen tonight without her really noticing she has gained a fifth chick. Strange how a little gap in the family has been replaced by the impending arrival of a small new baby chick!

The latest container arrived safely last week- all safely gathered in and accounted for, and a quick turnaround for most of the stock, as it was largely pillows ordered for a company in the South of France. It has been an exercise in revising our school level French, but rewarding to work with a Company who recognises quality and traditional values over and above cheapness.

There we are, two sorts of “cheaps” and time for me to go and check on the new additions in the chicken population …

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