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MagneHealth Shingles

Shingles Magnet Therapy is ideal for treating shingles as it is an effective form of alternative treatment with no harmful side effects. Be it static magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields, magnetic therapy improves blood circulation especially when the shingles infected area is exposed to beneficial magnetic fields. Magnetic fields also help improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen at … Read the full article here >

MagneHealth Golf

As all golfers know – maybe more than anyone – keeping yourself physically fit is the key to feeling healthy and improving your performance on the course. There is all manner of advice we all know we ought to take for optimum health and fitness, from watching our diet and drinking plenty of water to limbering up before a game … Read the full article here >

MagneHealth Equestrian

All keen horse people tend to be inundated with information about equipment, remedies and products that promote better horse health and an improved over-all riding experience. It’s much rarer that we are told what may make riders themselves feel better after a long, tiring day in the saddle – or how to get over a fall more quickly and ease … Read the full article here >