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Summer Specials at White Cloud

These gorgeous wool blankets are now no longer being made in New Zealand and we have a small number for sale at a 30% discount: Available in Candy Cane (soft pink/purple stripes) or Aqua Lime (vivid blue/green stripes) there are a few Singles @ £91 (165 x 225 cm) and only one Double in each @ £129.50 (210 x 225 … Read the full article here >

White Cloud Pet Beds on Amazon

Customer loyalty is hugely rewarding and today the delightful Gabriela purchased her fifth (or is sixth?) wool pet bed from the White Cloud shop on Amazon – ranging in size from small for cats to large for labradors, these practical, durable, tough pet beds are just the job for protecting sofas and chairs….  this photo shows Bertie, perched precariously on his … Read the full article here >

Hot Desking and MagneHealth on Ebay

The ability to scoot from one side of the office to another, on a swivel chair, is only one of the prerequisites of working at White Cloud!  This morning we have been, between all of us, redefining and improving our MagneHealth shop on Ebay, which has involved a fair degree of sorting out the technicalities (Guy), rewriting words (Caroline) and … Read the full article here >