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A dog, a man and a man’s best friend story

William is an utterly gorgeous chocolate Labrador, he is only 7 but is already developing arthritis in one hip – his wise and sensible owner has always been receptive to alternative treatments and, like us, cannot understand why many people are so dismissive of homeopathic or natural remedies – anyway, William is now the proud owner of a big magnetic pet … Read the full article here >

“Society today is chronically sleep deprived”

The discussion on Radio 4’s Today programme on the lack of sleep in our society made us prick up our ears and pay attention as improving sleep for customers is something we can most definitely help with.  Researchers are suggesting that we are all having about 1.5 hours less sleep a night than we did in 1950s, and this amounts … Read the full article here >

Olly’s solution to sleeplessness and why MagneHealth helps gardeners

Lots of glorious sunny weather, trees coming into full leaf and everything beginning to flower in the garden, this is the time of year when most of us are desperate to spend more time outside and start tackling our gardens.   Unfortunately this can also mean aching backs and tired muscles but, here at White Cloud, we have a completely … Read the full article here >