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Straight from the horse (rider’s) mouth, so to speak! – Magnehealth Underblankets

“Earlier this year, I fell from my horse and fractured my back.  Once I got home, sleeping was not something that came easily or was particularly comfortable.  I was given a Magnehealth underblanket to try and see if it helped.  It is blissfully comfortable to sleep on, plus my house is freezing.  Without doubt it assisted my sleep patterns and … Read the full article here >

A blessing in disguise…

Having to drive all the way from Gloucestershire to Peterborough (and Ely) yesterday proved to be a blessing in disguise; we had agreed to buy a bed for our new holiday flat from a lady in Ely and, coincidentally, had found an ex display shower unit for sale in a bathroom shop in Peterborough.   The bathroom shop was an absolute … Read the full article here >

Supporting the regeneration of the immune system with Magnehealth

“My purpose for purchasing was purely general wellbeing in an era where we are being bombarded with radio frequencies, toxins/pollutants, reduced quality food with higher pesticide residues and compromised quality of water.  I feel it is important to do everything possible to support the regeneration of the immune system”.   Like most online retailers these days, we now offer a product review … Read the full article here >