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Natural solutions for headaches, stress and Migraines with MagneHealth

We at White Cloud have been working hard to create a new website for our unique range of magnetic therapy products.  MagneHealth has been part of our general UK range since we started in 2005, but almost 10 years on we feel it deserves a website of its own.  Deborah has just finished some really lovely photography for the products … Read the full article here >

A dog, a man and a man’s best friend story

William is an utterly gorgeous chocolate Labrador, he is only 7 but is already developing arthritis in one hip – his wise and sensible owner has always been receptive to alternative treatments and, like us, cannot understand why many people are so dismissive of homeopathic or natural remedies – anyway, William is now the proud owner of a big magnetic pet … Read the full article here >

Why Wool Works for both humans and sheep – (the better together campaign!)

Wool fibres have the ability to trap millions of microscopic pockets of air – when used in bedding, it is this that keeps us (and sheep!) warm during the coldest of nights and, even at this time of year, keeps us cool in summer as wool has the unique ability to “breathe”…. With the fresh mountain air and the lush … Read the full article here >