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Spring seems to have arrived (and so does a container)

Spring seems to have arrived, at last and we are clearing the decks in preparation for the next container, which is due in a couple of weeks or so.  This time around we are struggling for space because the main barn is jam-packed with MagneHealth Underblankets of all shapes and sizes and the second barn is crammed with existing stock … Read the full article here >

Hot Desking and MagneHealth on Ebay

The ability to scoot from one side of the office to another, on a swivel chair, is only one of the prerequisites of working at White Cloud!  This morning we have been, between all of us, redefining and improving our MagneHealth shop on Ebay, which has involved a fair degree of sorting out the technicalities (Guy), rewriting words (Caroline) and … Read the full article here >

Merino wool underblankets fit for an Emperor…

A big sigh of relief; hundreds of wool underblankets and magnetic underblankets are now “safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin” – counting everything into stock is always quite a rigmarole, but today there was  a) no rain  b) all the boxes were present and correct and c)  we had a magnificent team to help us – Sue, no … Read the full article here >