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Why Wool Works for both humans and sheep – (the better together campaign!)

Wool fibres have the ability to trap millions of microscopic pockets of air – when used in bedding, it is this that keeps us (and sheep!) warm during the coldest of nights and, even at this time of year, keeps us cool in summer as wool has the unique ability to “breathe”…. With the fresh mountain air and the lush … Read the full article here >

A little bit of old fashioned Christmas spirit from White Cloud for all our customers (four legged or otherwise!)

For only £9.95, we at White Cloud can offer a lovely Christmas gift of either three delightful sheep soaps, wrapped and nestled in wool, or a must-have tube of highly effective hand cream.  It is worth also taking a look at our Specials page, because these are generally one-off items that are either discontinued or greatly reduced – a case … Read the full article here >

Wool Week 2012 – When one door closes, another one opens

Today we sold the very last of our Traditional satin edged Aircell Blankets.  These absolutely lovely wool blankets were made in New Zealand (as are all of our blankets) but since this particular factory closed we have been completely unable to buy any more.  It is ironic really, because when they first arrived we all felt we had made a … Read the full article here >