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Olly’s solution to sleeplessness and why MagneHealth helps gardeners

Lots of glorious sunny weather, trees coming into full leaf and everything beginning to flower in the garden, this is the time of year when most of us are desperate to spend more time outside and start tackling our gardens.   Unfortunately this can also mean aching backs and tired muscles but, here at White Cloud, we have a completely … Read the full article here >

White Cloud Pet Beds on Amazon

Customer loyalty is hugely rewarding and today the delightful Gabriela purchased her fifth (or is sixth?) wool pet bed from the White Cloud shop on Amazon – ranging in size from small for cats to large for labradors, these practical, durable, tough pet beds are just the job for protecting sofas and chairs….  this photo shows Bertie, perched precariously on his … Read the full article here >

How to save money when sending funds overseas, a new MagneHealth brochure for 2014 and natural pain relief for pets from White Cloud

One of the numerous advantages of having techno-savvy young men in the household, is that one of them found us Currency Fair.  As a business that has to organise numerous overseas financial transactions throughout the year, we have been constantly frustrated at the tedium of requesting these via our bank, but our eldest son recently found us the magic answer … Read the full article here >