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The £10,000 eiderdown duvet from John Lewis

John Lewis has started to sell a £10,000 duvet – a spokesman is reported as saying “In recent years there’s been a growing willingness to invest in quality bedding and as a result we are launching a new product which we believe will help our customers sleep even better”.  For £10,000 you will be buying a duvet filled with eiderdown … Read the full article here >

Some little known advantages to being near the North Pole and how it can improve your health

A few years ago, we were contacted by a delightful lady who had discovered that on a recent cruise to the Arctic Circle, she had noticed that many of her painful and uncomfortable symptoms had diminished, the nearer they got to the North Pole.  On her return to the UK she and her husband started to do some research into … Read the full article here >

Don’t count sheep to sleep in peace…. get woollen bedding

In The Times today (20.09.13) is an article explaining the virtues of wool bedding.  In a study conducted by The University of Sydney, eight volunteers slept in and on wool, cotton and synthetic sleepwear and bedding at three different temperatures.  Wool produced a longer and deeper sleep compared with the other fibres, particularly at higher temperatures. White Cloud has been … Read the full article here >