The Campaign for Wool – Day 4 – A short history of Ovis musimon

After their first domestication in the Middle East around 9,000 BC, all modern sheep can trace their lineage back to two ancestral breeds; one unidentified and the other the tiny mouflon Ovis musimon.  Sheep fertilised the ground they grazed on, allowing agriculture to flourish.  The Latin for sheep Ovis and the English Ewe both emerge from the Sanskrit avi which means to guard or protect..

White Cloud now supplies superior quality sheepskin floor rugs; chosen for their softness, silkiness and colour they have been handstitched by a local saddler and are available in Double (£150) or Quarto (£325).

Thanks to the Campaign for Wool, the intrinsic value of wool is once again being recognised as a natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material.  Having said that it, it really is a case of caveat emptor as there are plenty of cheap and inferior wool products on the market, often made in China or Eastern Europe.  The Woolmark symbol is a recognition of quality and to be absolutely sure about provenance, there should be an individual Woolmark license number.



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