The Campaign for Wool – Day 3 – A typical day at White Cloud

First thing yesterday morning; a telephone call, following email correspondence, from a previous customer wanting to purchase the very last of our stock of lip balms; he had been to the actual farm in New Zealand which supplies the lanolin that goes into the lip balms… so a little packet of 9 lip balms is now on its way to another happy customer.

10.15am Beginning to think about all that might be needed to be sent to a show in Dublin at the end of this week; with a focus on Magnewool Underblankets on the surface of things, this might seem fairly simple, until we remember just how much is needed as back up, e.g where did the Magnewool pop-up display get put last time around and where are all the credit card vouchers? Shall we take sheepskins to display everything on and if so, which ones?

Sudden thought at about 11.00am – what happened to the big 4 carton boxes that we discussed with Box Clever?  Stock now running out and nothing in sight, but they have remembered the Pillow Boxes and these will be delivered on Friday…

Extensive conversation with Tadpole PR to talk about the new, eagerly anticipated website, finalise some details for forthcoming advertisements and discuss the new photographs of some scrumptious little sheepskin bootees that have arrived, primarily with trade customers in mind. 

Time for a cup of tea – oops, another thought, what happened to the Parcelforce collection that was scheduled for Friday and failed to happen?  Fortunately, it seems that it has been done and some special order pillows (for a hotel)  that we have been waiting for are now thankfully, on their way.

2 trade orders arrive unexpectedly from Teme Valley Beds and there is a mad dash to get them ready in time for our Parcelforce driver – one of those days when we feel incredibly thankful for gadgets such as the label printer.  I can’t believe we used to write everything out manually (on the other hand it was a lot cheaper than having to buy big rolls of labels all the time!)

2ish and more scurrying trying to get ready for the show in Ireland; shall we take organic blankets, shall we take cashmere pillows and did Jacquie manage to get hold of those shops she talked with to agree a visiting time?  A ghastly realisation that customers in Eire will be paying in Euros and we can only take payments in £ – let’s just hope there is broadband readily available and payments will have to be done via the website!  Who says modern banking is easy?  Personally I think it is abysmal, but I do appreciate the convenience of being able to pay cheques in at the Post Office…

About 3.30pm and time for a phone call to our advertising agency; where are we with the next Magnewool ad and what has happened re artwork?  Back to concentrating on the Irish question and preparing enough in the way of brochures, stock and general info – thank goodness we have Eric at Core Homestore to team up with and be a reassuring Irish voice at the end of the telephone.  Hope there is enough room; Eric has asked for some winter weight duvets to be squeezed in and it also looks like he has a customer interested in a Merino Underblanket.

By about 6.00pm almost everything has been completed, and this includes some last minute printing of spare price lists – nothing worse than being at a Show and finding yourself short of relevant literature.  Definitely time to call it a day!



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