Campaign for Wool 2012 – Austerity is the mother of invention….

Ever resourceful, in a Kiwi kind of way, the little Christmas elves at White Cloud have been busy cutting and sewing a seasonal selection of Christmas gifts in order not to be caught out by Christmas and to expand our range.  Sue, of course is chief elf – she is the one who says “I have been thinking and we could sew….”  Naturally, we all think it is a brilliant idea so Sue is let loose on the assorted sewing machines and a little while later, wondrous things emerge.  Everyone needs a Sue in their lives ….

These mini hot water bottles are not only irresistible but modestly priced at £21.95 and the mini wool cushions are £34.50 – available in gorgeous pink/purple or limegreen/blue stripes and edged with cream blanket stitch.  Occasionally other colours might be available; please telephone 01989 721010 to find out more….


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