The calming effect of lambskins on small babies and infants (and adults for that matter!)

“Fortunately the name of your company stuck in my mind… most unusual!  I gave one of your lambskins to a newborn grandchild last year and it is much loved.  She is a very chilled baby and I’m convinced that the lambskin has contributed to her sense of wellbeing.  We have two more babies due in the Spring (that will make five grandchildren altogether!!) and I’m delighted to be able to provide the new babies with the same comfort.  Keep up the good work!”  This was a delightful email that was sent to us recently by Verina who is a registered Doula and who recognises the calming effect on babies and infants of  lambskins….

Stocks of our small soft lambskins for babies have been running perilously low for some time, which has resulted in some frantic exchanges of emails recently between the UK and NZ…  Fortunately about 10 days ago we asked for 25 to be sent by air mail as an emergency and they arrived today, just after the very last of the previous order was sold on Amazon this morning!  

“Who is the baby in the gorgeous photo on your website?” is a question we are asked fairly regularly; he is called Frank and he is the 3rd of a family of 4 boys and we are reliably informed that his dark hair has now gone blond!

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