Bubble Trade Show, London & a thought for today

A lot of last week was taken up preparing for Bubble Trade Show in London; http://www.bubblelondon.com/the first time we have taken part in a specific children’s show.  It has involved quite a bit of preparation; but there is something immensely therapeutic in ironing, folding, ironing, folding and more ironing, folding …  Guy set off yesterday with a car full of gorgeous cashmere and baby lambskins, not to mention junior pillows and soft woolly underblankets.  It was good to hear this morning that the White Cloud stand (VE8) has attracted a lot of attention and was described as having lots of “feel appeal”.  

Today’s fascinating wool fact:  over the centuries, sheep breeders  discovered that the fluffy wool undercoat of a sheep can be encouraged to grow longer than the bristly guard hairs or “kemp”.  Reading this lead me to ponder, is this the origin of the word “unkempt” ?

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