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Saturday was spent preparing and cutting up more dog bed fleeces- this gargantuan effort usually gets put off as long as possible because we all know how long it takes and what a mess it causes! Step 1- heave and push an enormous 35m roll of wool fleece down from the top store room having rounded up some unwilling helpers- Step 2- move the enormous hall table to outside – Step 3- manoeuvre the 35m roll somewhere near the table so that it can be unrolled and cut. Step 4- do the whole thing again in reverse, but at least there is less of the roll to manhandle! We spent about two and half hours cutting and measuring before we all got fed up and decided enough was enough… Mind you, the dogs thought it was marvellous and even Olly got into the spirit of it all. The woolly fluff goes absolutely everywhere and the big advantage of cutting outside means it gets picked up and used for nesting material ….
Speaking of nesting, one little bantam chick somehow managed to achieve finding its way out of his cage last night and first thing this morning I found it cheeping furiously – how it survived the clutches of a passing buzzard I just don’t know. Thank goodness I found it before the dogs did! Bertie is particularly enthusiastic about chicks, all that lovely squeaking and cheeping seems to bring out his worst murderous instincts! Anyway, mother hen kindly rewarded my efforts with a quick peck which did seem a little unfair!

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