Black Sheep Soaps,New Mini Brochure

A good time was had by all at The Spring Fair last week- amongst other things, we had arranged to meet the supplier of our sheep soaps, who had generously travelled from Austria with an extra box full of soaps just for us. Not only do we now have white sheep soaps, but also a little collection of black sheep soaps… the trouble is, it doesn’t quite end there, because on the stand we saw some gorgeous little lamb sized soaps and now I’m thinking we should have those as well. Maybe as little Easter gifts for our customers ….

We have had a delightful correspondence this week with a customer in France, it has been really entertaining. He is a wildlife artist and his website is lovely:

Our new mini brochure is about to roll off the production line– although smaller and simpler, it has been quite a journey. We first started talking about it in the autumn, but it has been wonderful to have most of the work taken off our hands by Marisa & Kat at Tadpole PR, who have spent hours poring over photographs and text. It will be a huge relief once it is done, because the current brochure is now looking dated, and the general view is that a brochure should only have a shelf life of 2 years anyway.

With all of the duvets, underblankets and pillows now presented in our own White Cloud packaging, this is a timely moment to be acquiring the next brochure, the only trouble is now we have a pillow box under development and it’s too late to include it this time round!

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